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Hex Editor is an application for editing data in which the data is presented in «raw mode» — as sequence of bytes.

Since Hex Editor is quite a versatile tool it is not possible to describe all variants of it’s use. Use your fantasy;-)

14 thoughts on “HexEditor

  1. I am looking for the first version that has a copy and paste feature. I want to copy a large portion of hexadecimal and really don’t feel like typing in each byte since that would take like 3 or 4 hours. Please tell me you added a copy/paste feature to this great app. I have version 1.3.12 installed and I hope a copy and paste feature was added in one of the updates.

    Thanks, Jay

  2. Купил программу и не жалею. Но есть то что хотел бы улучшить:
    не показывает русских букв и некоторые знаки (есть файлы .dat где такие есть, например файлы русских голосов для TTS);
    меню программы очень малофункциональное.

  3. Very nice program.

    If you have the time, a nice feature to implement would be the ability to open 2 files side by side with differences highlighted.


  4. Hey, I have an issue, when I try to show the diff between two files I just get a black screen and then it tells me the app is not responding. Is that normal?

  5. Not sure if this is the best place to report issues but I’ve noticed on the latest version (version 3.1.13) the binary diff function no longer works. It will allow me to select the two files, then simply drops back to whatever screen I was on before selecting the files, almost as if it just skips loading the files at all or just doesn’t display them. I’m running Android version 4.4.4 on the Droid Maxx. Note that this feature did work before this last update. Also I when it was working it would often load the two files but not always display and compare all the data. Often fields were left blank or entire addresses were skipped. This is an unrelated issue and I figured was just part of it being in alpha.

    Other than this, great app!

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